Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Easter Chicken came early...

This is my second attempt at "proper" sewing; a long-sleeved cross-over top for the little man in my life. The fabric is a light yellow stretch terry knit, bought off eBay and the hem is just plain off-white ribbing. It crosses over the chest and does up with buttons on both sides.

The pattern is from Ottobre 6/2007, also bought off eBay.
I wish I could say that I whipped it up in twenty minutes, but that would be lying... Took me a good couple of hours, but hopefully it will get quicker as I learn. Otherwise I will be looking for another hobby... Whith two young children I only have limited time :-)
Max didn't seem to mind his new outfit and was quite happy to pose for the camera. It is too hot for him to wear it now, and by the time it is cool enough for him to wear it - it will be too small... Guess I'll be making another one then:-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our swimmingpool!

Someone asked me the other day, how we could live in a small unit with two babies - there is no backyard, no swimmingpool and no space to run around. I was like a question mark, what do you mean??? We have parkland outside the door, two playgrounds within ten minutes walk from here and the beach ten minutes walk through bushland. So I would say that we probably have one of the best backyards there is, and the biggest swimmingpool too...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is a quilt/blanket I made for Max as a Christening present. The squares are cut (mostly) from vintage fabric, and the colours are mainly brown and yellow tones.

HOW I DID IT: I zig-zagged all edges, which took forever, and it made the squares a bit un-even. Don't know if I should have used a different needle, or a different stitch, as it was impossible to get started on each square without pulling on the fabric. It was so thin, and the squares relatively small so it was just really tricky.

I had no idea how to do this blanket, I can vaguely remember doing something similar in school but that was like 20 years ago... So I zig-zagged the squares together into strips and then zig-zagged the strips together. In hindsight I should have sewn them together with a straight stitch, but I ran over the seams with a straight stitch as well to neaten it up...

I put the batting on top of the squares and then the backing on top, stitched it together with a straight stitch and then left a small bit open so I could turn the blanket out the "right" way. I haven't stitched it up by hand yet, but will do so soon :-)

I think it turned out alright, and hopefully Max will keep it for his children ;-)

So now I just have to get cracking on one for Jade, otherwise it wouldn't be fair... (She reckons this one is hers...)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Max has just discovered the joy of being mobile... So many buttons to press on the TV, so many things to pull and so many little things to pick up and put in the mouth. This weekend will be spent baby-proofing this place.

Trying to put him to bed is a fun time... I lay him down, he sits up, I lay him down again, he sits up again and this "game" goes on for at least an hour, until he is so exhausted that there is no way he is going to go to sleep without a feed and a pat on the nappy clad bottom... If I ignore him, he will scream the house down and wake Jade up, so this is not an option. Add to that, I can't bear him crying... I've never been able to let either Max nor Jade cry it out, the longest I've lasted is about 5 minutes. I know, I'm such a chicken...


We saw some beautiful white fluffy dogs today, and I said: "Look Jade, look at the dogs!" She looks at me as if I was a complete nutter, and said: "Mummy, polar bears...". Oh, that's right - I forgot that we have lots of them walking the streets in Australia...

Blanket for Max

I bought this fabric, I think it is brushed cotton, at a local op shop. I really liked the pattern and colours, and it was cheap too, for such a large piece. I teamed it with some soft yellow flannelette on the reverse, and top-stitched around with a twin needle. The "M" stands for Max of course, and was appliqued on using a narrower zig-zag stitch. This blanket will be great for winter! I was going to use it as a playmat, but since he is now crawling there is no way he'll sit on a blanket. I'm sure it will be good for something though!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first attempt at sewing...

I only started sewing a month ago, and have only made a few bibs and a hat prior to this dress. It is a bit big, but otherwise I think it turned out alright with no major dramas. Little miss usually don't wear dresses, but didn't mind this one (probably because it is short enough to allow for climbing, crawling and riding bikes etc.
The dress is made from a vintage 70's sheet and lined with a piece of off white cotton from one of our bed sheets (I didn't have anything else suitable at home. Don't tell my husband...). Buttons from Spotlight. The pattern is a vintage Simplicity pattern, bought off eBay. This was a good first "proper"item to sew, as it was easy for a beginner!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is our little girl, Jade. She was born two and a half years ago and we have never looked back. She is a gorgeous, cheeky little toddler with a great attitude and big smile. Laidback like her mum (dad thinks the word for it is "lazy"...).
She is,like her brother, a healthy little thing who has never had a lolly or piece of chocolate. I can't see the need for it at this stage as she is equally happy to have a piece of fruit. She is severely allergic to any form of dairy,eggs and nuts and we always have to bring her epi-pen (adrenalin) as she's had an allergy chock (anaphylaxis)before.


This is my darling boy Max, who came to us 7 months ago at 4.5 kg and 57 cm. He is still tipping the scales and is one very loving happy little Buddha. He is very active and curious, and likes to explore everything around him. He is learning to crawl, and no doubt we'll be baby-proofing the house sooner rather than later. He loves his big sis, despite her taking all the toys off him and giving him the occasional whack every now and then. No matter what kind of mood he's in, he'll always have a big, gummy smile ready to go. And there is nothing better than a gummy smile:-)