Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Max has just discovered the joy of being mobile... So many buttons to press on the TV, so many things to pull and so many little things to pick up and put in the mouth. This weekend will be spent baby-proofing this place.

Trying to put him to bed is a fun time... I lay him down, he sits up, I lay him down again, he sits up again and this "game" goes on for at least an hour, until he is so exhausted that there is no way he is going to go to sleep without a feed and a pat on the nappy clad bottom... If I ignore him, he will scream the house down and wake Jade up, so this is not an option. Add to that, I can't bear him crying... I've never been able to let either Max nor Jade cry it out, the longest I've lasted is about 5 minutes. I know, I'm such a chicken...

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