Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Easter Chicken came early...

This is my second attempt at "proper" sewing; a long-sleeved cross-over top for the little man in my life. The fabric is a light yellow stretch terry knit, bought off eBay and the hem is just plain off-white ribbing. It crosses over the chest and does up with buttons on both sides.

The pattern is from Ottobre 6/2007, also bought off eBay.
I wish I could say that I whipped it up in twenty minutes, but that would be lying... Took me a good couple of hours, but hopefully it will get quicker as I learn. Otherwise I will be looking for another hobby... Whith two young children I only have limited time :-)
Max didn't seem to mind his new outfit and was quite happy to pose for the camera. It is too hot for him to wear it now, and by the time it is cool enough for him to wear it - it will be too small... Guess I'll be making another one then:-)


  1. This is gorgeous!! Jättefint för att vara ditt andra "riktiga" plagg ju!!
    Och ja, det gar fortare med tiden ;)
    Kul att hitta hit!