Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is a quilt/blanket I made for Max as a Christening present. The squares are cut (mostly) from vintage fabric, and the colours are mainly brown and yellow tones.

HOW I DID IT: I zig-zagged all edges, which took forever, and it made the squares a bit un-even. Don't know if I should have used a different needle, or a different stitch, as it was impossible to get started on each square without pulling on the fabric. It was so thin, and the squares relatively small so it was just really tricky.

I had no idea how to do this blanket, I can vaguely remember doing something similar in school but that was like 20 years ago... So I zig-zagged the squares together into strips and then zig-zagged the strips together. In hindsight I should have sewn them together with a straight stitch, but I ran over the seams with a straight stitch as well to neaten it up...

I put the batting on top of the squares and then the backing on top, stitched it together with a straight stitch and then left a small bit open so I could turn the blanket out the "right" way. I haven't stitched it up by hand yet, but will do so soon :-)

I think it turned out alright, and hopefully Max will keep it for his children ;-)

So now I just have to get cracking on one for Jade, otherwise it wouldn't be fair... (She reckons this one is hers...)

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