Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bargain of the year!!!

Found some fabric in my local op-shop!!! Now I just have to find some time to sew... How do all the bloggers with children do it?? Mine just goes berserk and tears the house down if I sit down by the machine...

Now to something completely different...
Tomorrow I'm starting my new life.

A. No more chocolate (or maybe only LESS... Going cold turkey never works)

B. No more wine with dinner. I get too lazy and it is not good for you.

C. No Spaghetti Bolognese five days per week just because it is easy, quick, yummy and cheap (The kids have a varied diet, it is just the adults in this family who don't...)

D. Become tidy and organized. This includes; Pack lunch the day before, hang my keys up so I don't have to run around in a frantic search for them every day, make sure the nappybag is packed and that I have wipes in the bag so I don't have to use spare clothes as wipes when there is a disaster.

E. Follow these rules for longer than 2 days.

F. Who am I kidding...

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