Sunday, March 22, 2009

1970's.... Fab colours!!!

Look what I found today!!! They went missing about a year ago, when we moved cities and now re-appeared in a shoebox in the wardrobe. Me and Jade had great fun playing with them (there are about 100+ different cards) while Max was sleeping. The last three nights have been wonderful as Max has slept through!!! He has probably done so about five times in his entire life, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will continue.
Something else that is up there with Max sleeping through, is that I got an overlocker for my birthday (which is not until September, but I was given a $200 discount so we though we might as well get it now). Thank you Pete!!! The lady in the shop showed me the ropes, but no doubt I've forgotten most of it already. The good thing is that I can book in for a couple of free one on one lessons with her once I've gotten used to the overlocker. I haven't un-packed it yet, but will give it a go tomorrow. Oh, I should probably add that it is a Bernina 800DL.

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  1. Nu har jag dragit igång en ny tävling o denna gången i samarbete med me&i..ett finfint presentkort ligger i potten:

    Kika gärna in o ha en riktigt braig dag =)