Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ikea hippo top for Jade

This is the reason I am tired all the time... I sew at night when the kids are in bed,and go to bed waaaayyyyy too late... Max is not helping either, by waking up at least 3 times per night. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will get better at sewing so I can do it quicker! But I like it, great to have a hobby that I can do in my own time (when and if I can find it...).
The pattern is from a Danish book by Elsebeth Gynther, can't remember the name and I don't have it handy - it is a classic though. Not entirely easy to follow as I can't make out the pattern sheet, and I don't understand danish. It would probably be ok for someone that could sew, but for a beginner probably not the best way to go... It had long sleeves, but I cut them off as it is too hot for long sleeved tops here right now. I thought 3/4 would be better as it would be cooler but still offer some protection from the sun.
The fabric is from Ikea, and the bias binding from my local shop. The bias binding was very fiddly as it was really thin, otherwise it all went swimmingly! Actually, I broke 2 twin needles so it turned into quite an expensive shirt... Ok for being my third "proper" project!

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