Thursday, March 5, 2009

Max nya kläder...

It goes something like this:
Hubby: "Have you seen my t-shirt anywhere, you know - the blue stripey one?"
Me: "I thought you didn't like it??!??"
Hubby: "It's one of my most comfy ones, where is it?"
Me: "Max is wearing it..."
The tee now has a new life as a pair of pants for Max. For pattern I just put another pair of pants on top and cut out. Stitched together and put an elastic waistband in. Easy...
Then I spruced up an old white Bonds tee with some left over fabric. I drew the elephant and a separate ear on a piece of paper, then onto a piece of interfacing and ironed it onto the fabric. I cut it out and embroidered the eyes on the elephant, before ironing the elephant onto the shirt. I zig-zagged with a narrow zig-zag around the edges.
The elephant looks a bit scalloped in places, but I found it a bit tricky to sew on as the tee was very stretchy. Good enough for my little man though!! He has already managed to get banana stains all over it...


  1. Hej! har just hittat hit, vilka fina saker du gjort! Ja fina barn har du med! Jag syr och stickar också har även börjat virka på senare år, men det är stickning jag är mest beroende av.

  2. åh så söta:) Gillar att du gjort en applikation också, äkta som jag minns det från min barndom:)