Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blood, sweat and tears... (Actually probably all three!).

This has taken me forever to make! And there has been so many things gone wrong along the way, that I don't know where to begin.... At least now I know how to do it, so if I ever decide to make another set I won't repeat the same mistakes (I hope!!).
OVERALLS: The overalls look alright, and I'm happy with them apart from one little detail - the zipper is a bit too far down, so I might need to put a clasp at the top (If I can be bothered!). The top part is lined, and one corner is a bit puckered, but nothing the iron won't even out.
THE JACKET: The jacket was easy until the dreaded button holes... I somehow managed to measure the space between the button holes incorrectly, and therefore sewed them on with anything from 10 cm to 12cm apart. Wasn't able to un-pick all the thread and so it looked absolutely crap. Decided to sew the button-holes on the other side instead, and put the buttons on the side with the crappy button holes (I hadn't actually opened the button holes yet, so was able to sew the buttons on). It looked a bit better, as the button holes were partially covered by the buttons.

Anyways, I measured correctly this time and started sewing the button holes on the other side of the jacket when my daughter called. Left the sewing machine on and two seconds later I hear a "vroooommmm" when M crawls over the pedal.... So the top button hole has a bit of an interesting look to it, but it is always fun when the kids show interest in a hobby. Got to start them early...
When the jacket is buttoned up, it looks great. It doesn't look perfect (understatement) on the side with the buttons, but anyways... Someone who sews alot would probably be mortified if they saw this jacket, but to me it doesn't matter all that much (Although it would have been nice if I hadn't screwed it up, as it is pretty much perfect otherwise.

FABRIC: Dark olive green fine cord. The jacket is fully lined with a dark brown stretch jersey with little green hearts all over.

PATTERN: Vintage Simplicity pattern from the 70's, complete apart from the sleeve which Max managed to demolish...


  1. De ser underbara ut, såg att du bor vid havet, avundsjuk...jag nää inte alls:)

    Ha en fin dag
    Kram Gunilla i Singapore

  2. Tack,tack!! Ja,visst bor vi bra,men man får fortfarande jätte hemlängtan lite titt som tätt.. Ha en bra dag du med.. Kram