Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A dress for big J!

This is the result of the last few nights.... It is a bit too big for Jade, but that is ok as she refuses to put it on!!! Hopefully by the time it fits, she might wear it (or at least try it on for a photo...). She is so stubborn... We took her shopping for a new pair of shoes, and she found a pair of pink Bratz gumboots - "Pretty shoes mamma". I don't think so... We settled for a pair of pink and white shoes but without Bratz and Dora the Explorer.
Back to the dress....
DRESS: Short-sleeved cotton jersey dress with contrasting curved yoke, size 4. Concealed zipper at back.
PATTERN: From The Golden Hands Book of 60 Things to sew for Children.
FABRIC: Brown cotton jersey for pockets, cuffs, collar and yoke. Off-white cotton jersey with tiny brown dots for the dress. Bought in the sales at Spotlight.
Got to go, my super trouper Max is awake and calling!!


  1. åj, vilka fantastiska saker du syr. jag ska precis sätta igång jag och lära mig sy, vilken inspirationssida!
    massor med kramar /

  2. Tack, tack!! Jag har bara sytt i ett par månader, så är fortfarande nybörjare men kul är det!!