Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fit for a ballerina...

IDEA: I saw a similar skirt at that I thought was absolutely gorgeous and that didn't look too difficult to make.
FABRIC: The first skirt was made from a small piece of vintage fabric I bought off eBay for 99 cents, and the other one was made from an adult vintage skirt that I unpicked, cut and sew together.
MAKING: It was very easy to make; just cut out the pieces and sew together. I put bias binding around the bottom of the skirt, and a long piece of ribbing at the waist. This can be folded in half, like the waist on yoga pants, or worn over the tummy. (If I have another baby at some stage, I'll make one of these for myself to wear duriing pregnancy!!!)

I think both skirts look good, and what's better is that my daughter loves them!!! She calls them "The banarina pretty" (Ballerina pretty) and wears them all the time...


  1. Så fina kjolar! Perfekt att dansa runt i.

  2. Tack, tack!! Ja, här dansas det för fullt dagarna i ända, så kjolarna kommer till sin fulla rätt... Det är himla kul att sy, men jag önskar jag hade lyssnat lite bättre i syslöjden... Sprätten har gått varm :-)